Project Description

HKADC Devolved Grant Scheme

My Days in Tuen Mun

After a 7 month workshop, and as well as the information researched by the “the Tuen Mun style Studio”, a performance of Tuen Mun’s Teenage “My Days in Tuen Mun” was borned. “My Days in Tuen Mun” base on the nature of Tuen Mun, human being and unique historical background, with the professional Theatre workers creation, will have 3 sections of performance in Tuen Mun Town Hall.
Leave, and come back……
An old man who temporarily leave Tuen Mun,
suddenly came back this year,
just when he want to look for the Sun Fat Estate which he lived before,
and found that everything had been disappear in the air……

Sun Fat Estate was the first public housing of Tuen Mun,
however, by time pass away,
it has been fully leveled today,
to build up the new West Rail Terminus.
The old man lost in the Tuen Mun District,
finding constantly, and at the same time,
he found that more fun with the transition.

What’s the impression of Tuen Mun?
May be we can show you another look of Tuen Mun.

Director: Ida Leung
Cast: Chiu Yuet ming, Matthew Cheng, Ko Kai Cheung, Lam Chi Tai and workshop applicant of Tuen Mun Teenages!
Production Manager: Bee Wan
Stage Manager: Cho Tai Kei
Stage Design: Alan Tsui
Light Design: Lau Ming Kin
Music Design: Pang Chun Kit
16-17/09/2005 (Fri – Sat) 7:30pm
17/09/2005 (Sat) 2:30pm
Venue: Tuen Mun Town Hall