Project Description

Date: 5/10-27/11/2002

Molly Sweeney by Brian Friel

Molly Sweeney

A happy woman who blind since her childhood
Her husband’s who love her so much
The recluse frustrated doctors
will tell you her path of regained the sight……

The play won a Tony Award for Best Screenplay Award winner,and recognized by the best playwright in Ireland Brian Friel written at year 1994.

(A Team)Simon Ngai, Stephen Au, Rebecca Po
(B Team)Luther Fung, Kwong Kam Chuen, Annie Ling

Playwright: Brian Friel
Translator: Jack Shu
Producer: Dominic Cheung
Director / Set Designer: Jacob Yu
Production Manager: Bee Wan

Venue & Date:
Hong Kong City Hall Recital Hall