Project Description

Date: 25-27/8, 2-3/9/2000

Steaming by Nell Dunn


Six women from different sectors chatting in the bathroom,
The world without men, women can open their heart freely, use their point of view to discuss and comment all the things about them and the world.

In the public steam bathroom, a group of ladies bathing together, there is beautiful, mediocre, wise, naive, strong, also used torely on……. Without the wall to meet and communicate, share the experience, analysis of problems and views, feel sharing. By time over, they understand each other, help each other, face the sorts of life and step forward together.

Phyllis Man, Gladys Liu, Brenda Chan, Gigi Cheng, Karrie Tan, Ida Leung

Playwright: Nell Dunn
Translator: Annie Ling
Director / Set Designer: Jacob Yu
Lighting Designer: Virginia Kam
Costume Designer: Kam Tan
Sound Designer: Stoa Lau

Venue & Date:
Shatin Town Hall
Cultural Activities Hall

Tuen Mun Town Hall
Cultural Activities Hall