Project Description

Date: 7-9/12/2001

The Swordsman - Wong Ng

Before the 1898 Revolution, Beijing hero Wong Ng in between his two best friend, Tam Chi Ton who aims to help the Qing Dynasty, Wu Chet who amis to against the Qing Dynasty. Choi Siu Ching, who save by Wong Ng after Taiping Dynasty, ask Wong Ng to leave the war.

Friendship, country, just like standing on the razor edge, what will Wong Ng would like to choose?

Simon Ngai, Chow Wai Keung, Stephen Au, Huen Sze Man, May Tse, Kiu Po Chung, Ko Kai Cheung, Kwong Kam Tsuen, Albert Ngai, Chan Kai Wah, Sunny Ng

Playwright: Paul Poon
Producer / Director: Dominic Cheung
Music: Chin Kwok Wai
Set Designer: Jacob Yu
Costume Designer: Edmond Wong
Lighting Designer: Billy Chan
Sound Designer: Eric Lui

Venue & Date:
Kwai Tsing Theatre Auditorium

The 11th Hong Kong Drama Award 2002
.The Best 10 Productions of the Year
.The Best Set Design – Jacob Yu

.The Best Director – Dominic Cheung
.The Best Play Script – Paul Poon
.The Best Leading Actress – Heun Sze Man
.The Best Supporting Actor – Stephen Au
.The Best Supporting Actress – May Tse