Project Description

Date: 3-5/5/2002

They’re Playing Our Song by Neil Simon

They're Playing Our Song

A love story of the composer and lyricist

This is telling about the relationship and romantic story about a talented award-winning composer Gary (Henry Shek) and a clever and quirky female lyricist Connie (Gigi Yiu). They encounter with their work, and commence a romantic and interesting love story, but Connie and her ex-boyfriend Leon tangled, and makes this relationship full of thrill and interest.

Henry Shek, Gigi Yiu, Tong Wong, Chan, Max Lee, Tse Pui Kei

Playwright: Neil Simon
Composer: Arvin Hamlisch
Orginal Lyrics: Carole Bayer Sager
Translator / Adaptor: Szeto Wai Kin
Director / Producer: Dominic Cheung
Assistant Director: Chow Wai Keung
Music Director / Music Arrangement: Frankie Ho
Lyrics: Chris Shum
Choreographer: Rex Chiu
Set Designer: Jacob Yu
Costume / Lighting Designer: Bee Wan
Sound Designer: Stoa Lau

Venue & Date:
Hong Kong City Hall Theatre