About Theatre Space

Theatre Space, established in 1998, has been dedicated itself to broadening the horizon of theatrical arts despite the limitation of space. Through our performances, the Theatre endeavors to stimulate the imagination of the audience and to offer them some vivid experience of the real life, hence fostering a closer interaction between the theatre and the community. For years we focus in producing translated plays to embody the concept of Scenography and Theatrical Arts with Contemporary Drama to the community and to strengthen the recognition of Scenography as a form o f Theatre works in Hong Kong . We have produced quality stage productions since we established as well as other school touring projects, Theatre Education Programs, Community Art Programs.

Our Vision

We adhere – to perform translated plays as we believe: Outstanding translated play has its own wide-embracing universality. With presence of cultural differences, it always broadens visions of the audience to generate entirely new inspirations in examining problems.

We attempt – to make use of visible space as the starting point to explore possibility of stimulating infinitude of imagination and feelings of the audience. We want to broaden their horizon within the limited space of theatres.

We make an effort – to enhance quality and types of audience through high quality productions suitable for all walks of life by expressing complex ideas in simple terms.