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Theatre Space Yearly Ticket – One Ticket Four Plays let you laugh all days!

CNY $888 - Good Plays in Theatre Space

In 2014, after “Checkmate”, Theatre Space continue to produce four wonderful plays.

Now we are launching a New Year promotion, with special price $888, you can order our Yearly Ticket.

With our Yearly ticket, you can watch the 3rd run Boardway Musical “Nunsenuse”, “That Championship Season” and “Ding Dong”, we also invite you to watch a Eclectic French Comedy “8 Femmes”!

One Price, Four Plays, New Year promotion, Limited sale!

There’s a serial number on each Yearly Ticket with a serial number, with the serial number and your personal information, one month before the four shows, just contact Theatre Space, our customer service will help you to follow up the watching dates, reserve the best seats for you.

Mailing order: Rm 7C, Wing Chai Industrial Building, 27-29 Ng Fong Street, Sun Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Phone:2540 1011 Fax:2540 1144

Nunsense – A Musical Comedy Book, Music and Lyrics by Dan Goggin

Crazy Farce Musical, the 3rd run, highly recommend!

Production Team:

Book, Music and Lyrics: Dan Goggin
Translator / Cantonese Lyricist: Szeto Wai Kin
Director:Jacob Yu
Presented by: Theatre Space

Event Information:

Venue: Hong Kong City Hall Theatre

Date and time:

18/04/2014 – 20/04/2014 (Fri – Sun) 2:45pm
17/04/2014 – 20/04/2014 (Thu -Sun) 7:45pm


The 2nd Hong Kong Theatre Libre
.Outstanding Effect

The 20th Hong Kong Drama Awards
.Best Supporting Actress – Emily Man
.10 Most Popular Drama Performance

8 Women (French: 8 Femmes) by Robert Thomas

French black comedy

8 pretty women in a house, but the Murderer fled. The Houseowner was killed, for finding the murderer, the 8 pretty women give tit for tat, they to expose the ugly side and private enmity each others. Humor and eclectic, preposterous absurdity. The film and stage versions are Global Popularity!

Director: Jacob Yu

Cast: Anna Lo, Cherry Cheung(Che Che), Brenda Chan, May Tse, Cherry Au-yeung, Patra Au, Emily Man

Presented by: LCSD

Produce by: Theatre Space

Venue: Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre Theatre

Date and Time:
2014/06/13-15 (Fri – Sun) 8pm
2014/06/14-15 (Fri – Sat) 3pm

That Championship Season by Jason Miller

Old classmate friends, intrigue. The four old friends reunion in the house of the coach, but the conflicts on the verge, with the force of a thunderbolt. Won the Pulitzer Prize, Tony Award for the Best Play.

Bee Wan do his another victory after 《The History Boys》!

Translators: Ronnie Wong, Sixtus Heung, Kingston Lo, Li Chun Fai

Director: Bee Wan

Cast: Luther Fung, Angus Chan, Kiu Po Chung

Presented and Produce by: Theatre Space

Venue: Sha Tin Town Hall Cultural Activities Hall

Date and Time:
2014/09/26-27 & 30 (Fri – Tue) 8pm
2014/09/27-28 (Sat – Sun) 3pm
2014/10/03 (Fri) 8pm
2014/10/1 & 4 (Wed & Sat) 3pm

Ding Dong (Sexe et Jalousie) – classic farce Marc Camoletti.

Wife as concubine, concubine than to steal!

French Crazy Farce, Chan Suk Yee, Cecilia Ng, “Flirtation in Theatre”.

Talented DJ DANG Wai-Si 1st play in Theatre!

Director:Jacob Yu

Cast: Chan Suk Yee, Cecilia Ng, Dang Wai Si

Presented and Produce by: Theatre Space

Venue: Sha Tin Town Hall Cultural Activities Hall

Date: In 2015