Project Description

Date: 22-25/3/2001

A Few Good Men by Aaron Sorkin

A Few Good Men

The story line is start with a murder case. A navy of the US in Guantanamo was killed by two colleagues, the navy hired a fledgling young lawyer who is good with plead guilty and make settlement out of the court on behalf of the defendant, attempt to conceal the truth.

In fact, the two defendants were only perform their boss’s command, comply the discipline of navy and turn into darkness. The young lawyer noted all the truth, under the incentive of a female navy, determined to seek justice for the two defendants, begin a court battle with the US Navy.

Stephen Au, Simon Ngai, Annie Ling, Ben Yuen, Chiu Sai Leung, Ko Kai Cheung, Tu Sze Chung

Playwright: Aaron Sorkin
Translator: Mok Hon Ying, Maggie Ma, Dominic Cheung
Producer / Set / Costume Designer: Jacob Yu
Director: Dominic Cheung
Lighting Designer: Bee Wan
Sound Designer: Stoa Lau

Venue & Date:
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre

The 11th Hong Kong Drama Award 2002

.The Best Supporting Actor – Tu Sze Chung

“Good performance mainly due to the translator, director, actor and designer(Set, lighting, costume…etc), these different aspects can be properly co-ordinated, makes the performance complete and full of style. Actors and actresses in a neat, thus, there is so many characters in the play and it still good. As a Drama group which have not so much resource, it’s a really excellent performance.” – Dr. Cheung Ping Kuen