Project Description

Date: First Run 10/10, 2/11, 20/11/2003 Rerun: 8-19/3/2005

A Woman Alone by Dario Fo and Franca Rame

A Woman Alone

The woman stay alone at home all day, they have fully equipped home appliances, should be everything enough with child. Need to face their husband, silly lover, wretched phone, etc.

1997 Nobel laureate in literature, Italian playwright – Dario Fo and his wife Franca Rame let a woman’s home in the dilemma, to express through the absurd situation, a group of local housewives with Cantonese interpretation of a less deserving farce. This is a matter of all the story of a woman …

Speech after the forum was chaired by the senior therapy and marriage counselor Miss Lee Yuet Yee.

Kwok Yuen Ling, Chiu Chep Man, Mok Mei Hang, Chan Shui Wan, Kwok Siu Ling, Lam Suk Han, Cheung Mei Fu, Chu Wai Chu, Tang Kit Ling, Liu Chen Mui, Wong Yuet Ngo, Chan Ho Ming, Lau Shun Hing, Yong Kin Ping

Playwright: Dario Fo & Franca Rame
Adaptor / Translator: Wong Hing Shuen
Director / Stage Designer: Jacob Yu
Lighting Designer: Bee Wan
Costume Designer: Lui King Chun

Venue & Dtae:
Shatin Town Hall
Cultural Activities Hall
(1st Run)

North District Town Hall
(1st Run)

Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre
(1st Run)

Hong Kong City Hall