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If “12 Angry Man” can be Humbling, “Checkmate” will let you more enthuse!

※ Achess legend lost in the Sino-Japanese War ※

In the legend during the World War II, the Japanese Imperial Army Command, there’s a place named Chess House, with 22 hidden top chess player, they blend military rationale in chess, use the checkerboard as the battlefield, entire invasion plan to assist the Imperial Army.

A young player, Minoru Kitani, was invited to become the 23rd player, he met the 1st Japanese national champion Honinbo, a bloodthirsty militant commander Matsuzaka, Inoue who loyal to the Emperor, Segoe who full of ambitious, Tamura Chiyoko who against the invasion of China and good and honest servant – Ha.

From an endgame, Minoru Kitani gradually realized the brutal truth of war,also in the play with Honinbo, get the Chinese chess genius “Wu Layout”. Under the atmosphere of militarism, Minoru Kitani who has a great passion and ideal in chess need to face an unprecedented impact, start to think on the relationship between chess and Humanity.

Ko Kai Cheung, Stephen Au, Anna Lo, Anson Lam, Kiu Po Chung, Billy Yip, Ivy Lau, Toby Choi

Playwright: Cheung Fei Fan
Director/Set Designer: Jacob Yu
Producer: Bee Wan
Deputy Producer: Meig Chan
Sound Designer: Stoa Lau
Costume Designer: Kenneth Leung
Lighting Designer: Albert Wong
Make-up & Image Design: Joyce Ma
Production Manager: Lawrance Lee
Stage Manager/Deputy Stage Manager: Zoe Yim
Assistant Producer: Helen Fu
Wardrobe: Chan Ching Yu
Assistant Stage Manager: Cheung Mee Fu, Chong Hiu Ting
Video Making: Amy Tam
Crew: Mak Shu Wing

Venue: Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Date and Time:
16-18.1.2014 (Thu-Sat) 8 pm
18-19.1.2014 (Sat-Sun) 3 pm

Normal Price: $180, $120**
Discount Price:$144, $80**

**Holders of Full-time Student Cards(including students of Macau Conservatory)and Holders of Macao Senior Citizen Cards or senior citizens aged 65 or above may enjoy 50% discount(limited areas)

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