Project Description


DA by Hugh Leonard


DA explores the relationship of family

Has your dad who passed away, ever come up on your mind or right in your sight?

So far, didn’t you catch any chance to tell him that you love him? By then, don’t you dare to tell the passed old man once that you really love him?

DA is originally a play from Ireland. Hugh Leonard, Irish playwright, described DA was a semi-autobiographical exploring the relationship of Charlie, a successful writer, with his adoptive father, whom he calls DA (as in “Dad”). Leonard was so confused when he was writing this play, not even knowing what and who should get into this journey of memory.

DA explores themes of death, family, memory ,and identity through humorous and yet touching dialogues.

Luther Fung, Patra Au, Tu Sze Chung, Jacky Li, Ko Kai Cheung, Kiu Po Chung, Annie Ling, Tse Ka Ho, Cissy Ma

Playwright:Hugh Leonard
Adaptator:Pao Han Lin
Producer:Lam Chi Tai (Theatre Space) , Daisy Chan (Theatre Farmers)
Director:Dominic Cheung
Stage Designer: Bee Wan
Costume Designer:Edmond Wong
Make-up Designer:Phyllis Man
Lighting Designer:Jacob Yu
Composer/Sound Designer:Stoa Lau
Production Manager:Lawrence Lee

Venue & Date:

Kwai Tsing Theatre Auditorium

2006/03/09-11 (Thur to Sat) 8pm
2006/03/11-12 (Sat to Sun) 3pm