Project Description

Date: 10-12, 18-19, 24-25/1/2003

Dinner with Friends by Donald Margulies

Dinner with Friends

A catering, gonna to get married
Chasing boy & girl’s comedy

Gabe and Karen is an international food columnist, ,with their best friends Tom and Beth always belive that “They four can be together until old, even hair change to white”.

Unfortunately, Tom divorce with his wife Beth because of the third party. The most unbelieveable is, 5 months later, Beth decided to get married with her ex-boyfriend; at the same time, Tom live enjoyable with his new girlfriend.

At this night, Gabe and Karen discuss about this pair of old friend, and talk about themselves, is marriage just love every day, and happy every night?

Chan Suk Yee, Ida Leung, Stephen Au, Huen Sze Man

Playwright: Donald Margulies
Translator: Chow Wai Keung
Producer: Dominic Cheung
Director / Set Designer: Jacob Yu
Lighting Designer: Micro Cheng
Costume Designer: Tsang Ching Kan
Production Manager: Bee Wan
Stage Manager / Deputy Stage Manager: Lawrence

Venue & Date:

Shatin Town Hall
Cultural Activities Hall

Tuen Mun Town Hall
Cultural Activities Hall

Tsuen Wan Town Hall
Cultural Activities Hall

“Smooth translation, honestly Director arrangement, and natural performance techniques.” ﹣by Tai Kung Pao

“The script loyal to the original, plus some Hong Kong typical culture and slang, makes the audience more engaged and no gap inside.”」- by Tai Kung Pao, Kok Fei