Project Description

School Culture Day Scheme 2010/11

Exploring the Possibility of a Theatre Theatre Performance

To increase students’ exposure to and participation in arts activities, to broaden their horizons, to help them adopt a positive attitude towards life and to foster their creative thinking, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) organizes the School Culture Day Scheme, the School Arts Animateur Scheme and the Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students every year with a view to creating a favourable atmosphere for the arts and culture in schools.
This performance introduces the structure and facilities of the Studio Theatre of the HKCC, and demonstrates the operation and application of lighting, sound and special effects through various vivid plots and scenes. It gives audience a special viewing experience as well as knowledge in stage technology and hence arouse their interest in it.

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre

Student Performance
2-4.11.2010(Tue to Thur)11am – 12:30pm(3-4.11.2010)3-4:30pm

Public Performance
Cast:Jeffrey Low, Vince Lau

“Scenography” is implemented in the theatrical art of Theatre Space. Using space, set, costume, sound, lighting, etc, new idea and interpretation are generated. Over the years, several scenography workshops have been held by Theatre Space to increase audience awareness and interest in performing arts, while encouraging the participation of students in theatre.

The scenography workshop is hosted by Beewan, production manager of Theatre Space. Some repertoire, for example, “Twelve Angry Men”, “A Few Good Men”, “Maggots”, “The Unexpected Guest” are shown to demonstrate how theatre operates in aesthetic and technical points of view.

Scenography Workshop

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre
5 .11.2010(Thur)11am – 12:30pm;3pm – 4:30pm;8 – 9:30pm
Target:Primary 5 to Secondary 3(11am);Secondary 1 to 3(3pm);Public (8pm)