Project Description

HKADC Devolved Grant Scheme

Ibsen Festival

Henrik Ibsen 1828 –1906 , Norway’s Playwright, the Altar Giant Man of 19th Century, named as the father of Modern Drama. His text, writings, style has a great impact to social, ethical and human critique.

Somebody said he was the founder of the Modern Realist Drama, and somebody said his plays are the Roma of Modern Drama, besides Shakespeare, his plays was staged the most compare with other playwrights , over the past few decades, his plays act an important role in the development of Hong Kong and Chinese Drama.

2006 is the centenary of Ibsen’s death, the National Ibsen Committee will host a number of commemorative activities, they also launch more than twenty countries worldwide, including UK, USA, Italy, Denmark, Brazil, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, more than one hundred cities to held different forms of activity, to let more people know about this Drama Master.

By the sponsor of the HKADC, Theatre Space hold Ibsen Festival, salute to this Father of Drama Master.

The Programme includes Lectures, exhibitions, performances plan and “Black Box of Ibsen” performance.

Lectures 1 – Ibsen – What point of view and efforts to see Ibsen?

By experienced Theatre practitioners, to introduce you Ibsen’s life, how to read his different periods plays, and his influence on modern drama and theatre development in Hong Kong. (Free of Charge)

Date: 2005/10/23 3:00pm
Venue: Mackie Study
Moderator: Mr Dominic Cheung
Speaker: Mr James Mark
Topic: READING Ibsen
Address: Rm A, 2/F, 52 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Lectures 2 – Ibsen Revelation

This year is the centenary of Ibsen’s death, there are a varity of acitivities around the world to commemorate him.

What valuable of Ibsen’s plays? Why the plays written a hundred years ago, and ever staged till now? What is the importance proposition do we find in the plays of Ibsen?

In the afternoon of a weekend, let us to watch what revelation that Ibsen’s plays give us in the Kubrick with Dr. Lo Wai Lik.

Date: 2006/05/13 (Saturday)
Time: 3:00pm
Venue: Kubrick
Speaker: Dr. Lo Wai Lik
Inquiry: 2540-1011 (Theatre Space)

A exhibitions take you back to hundred year ago, go into the world of Ibsen, will hold in 2006 May at the Cultural Centre Foyer.
Date: 2006/05/5-17
Venue: Cultural Centre Foyer

Promotion of the Father of Modern Drama – Ibsen’s Plays

At the end of 2005, Theatre Space open invitation local Amateur Theatre to submit their plans of Ibsen’s play.
After serval reviews, six amateur theatre were selected to have 2 performance in May 2006 to June 2006 for Ibsen’s centenary.


Date & Time: 2006/05/25-26 8:00pm
Venue: Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre Cultural Activities Hall
Produced by: Ching Cho Theatre
Adaptor/Director: Lee Gow
Producer: Wong King
Lighting & Stage Designer: Lee Man Kit
Sound & Graphic Designer: Chow Chi Kin
Wardrobe: Wong King
Cast: Wong Man Chun, Au Shung Kei, Cheung Chi Wai, Wan Sun Fat, Cheung Yue Wan, Lee Ka Yan, Yu Man Yan, Lui Yee Kwan

02 Date & Time: 2006/05/27 8:00pm, 2006/05/28 3:00pm
Venue: Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre Cultural Activities Hall
Produced by: Novice
Playwright/Director: Tang Fung Ming
Producer: Leung Shuk Kwan
Lighting Designer: Lee Man Kit
Sound & Graphic Designer: Siu Sum
Make-up Artist: Tang King, Chan Shuk Ching
Cast: Lee Pui Yee, Lee Siu Cheong, Cheung Chun Chung, Wong Chung Ho, Pansy Wong, Liu Yin Chi, Lo Man Yau, Siu Ka Man, Tai Chun Fung, Tam Siu Chi, Law Lap Tak
03 Date & Time: 2006/06/01-02 8:00pm
Venue: Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre Cultural Activities Hall
Produced by: Eight/One
Director: Sin Chun Tung
Producer: Siu Gut
Translator/Adaptor: Chan Chi Hung
Lighting Designer: Pat Ho
Set Designer: Pluto Wu
Sound Designer: Cheung Lik Hang
Stage Manager: Tung Wing Yee
Deputy Stage Manager: Lai Cheuk Yin
Cast: Wong So Foon, Ying Shu, Leung Yan Yee, So Tak Wah, Lai Chiu Wah, Lam Shing Yip, Kan Wan To, Lau Tsz Him
04 Date & Time: 2006/06/03 8:00pm, 2006/06/04 3:00pm
Venue: Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre Cultural Activities Hall
Produced by: Scribblers
Director & Adaptor: Fung Ka Leung
Producer: Yuen Kai Leung, Lau Ngai Chi
Set & Props Designers: Ho Mei Yee, Yip Long Hin
Lighting Designer: Ng Chung Kwan
Costume Designer: Lam Pui Yee
Make-up Artist: Lau Ngai Chi
Stage Manager: Chui Wing
Cast: Ching Siu Chuk, Yuen Kai Leung, Liu Yuk Ling, Yip Ka Lai, Wong Chip King
05 Date & Time: 2006/06/08-09 8:00pm
Venue: Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre Cultural Activities Hall
Produced by: Home Theatre Home
Director & Adaptor: Mike Chow ^
Deputy Director: Justin Lai
Director Assistant: Queenie Wong
Producer & Lighting Designer: Ma Pui Wai
Lighting Designer: Lam Wing Chi, Chung Hau Chai
Set Designer: Pluto Wu
Composer & Sound Designer: So Kit Ming
Cast: Chiu Shun Fai, Law Kit Yan, Poon Kim Chau*, Law Ching Hui, Baby John Choi*, Heung Ping Kwong, Fung Ka Ming, Billy Yip, Chan Kin Shun, Ng Wing Fai

^ Hong Kong Repertory Theatre approval to participate
* HKAPA approval to participate
Special credit: Ten Theatre, Student Workshop Theatre

06 Date & Time: 2006/06/10 8:00pm, 2006/06/11 3:00pm
Venue: Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre Cultural Activities Hall
Produced by: Oursound
Producer & Translator: Lo Kim Fei
Director: Leung Wai Yin, Tam Kim Wai
Deputy Stage Manager: Lam Chi Pong
Assistant Stage Manager: Ng Chi Fung, Man Wai Yin
Set & Props Designer: Yan Chun Him, Lui Chi Kai, Tsang Ka Wai, Au Man Yee
Costume Designer & Stylist: Sung Wai Ying
Make-up Artist & Wardrobe: Mong Wing Shan, Leung Kwok Ho
Lighting Designer: Chan Sang Cheong, Lam Sze Ying
Sound Designer: Chan Ka Fai, Lee Ka Ming
Stage Manager: Ma Lee On
Cast: Yat Fai, Cherry Au-yeung, Yip Man Yan, Chan Leung, Yau Chung Feng, Ho Hing Fai, Cho Ka Ho, Ho Pui Yu, Ho Mei Sze