Project Description

Date: 31/8 – 2/9/2001


To death for a living, to feed on blood

Derived from the two famous play of Shakespeare: “Julius Caesar” & “Macbeth”.

A performance include drama, video, puppeteers, physical action, device, live music, etc, with theatre workers all around the world such as Netherland, Germany, UK, Brazil, Chile and Hong Kong, create a multimedia performance together. Aim to explore the human being, the ultimate fate of disposable, charging into the human nature into the most darkness and evil depths.

Brenda Chan, Mill Ho, Kiu Po Chung

Artistic Director / Producer: Dominic Cheung
Devisor / Co-ordination / Lighting Designer: Bee Wan
Devisor / Text Guidance: Victoria Lon (U.K.)
Devisor / Puppet / Physical: Ulrike Quade (Germany)
Devisor / Set Designer: Jacob Yu
Devisor / Costume Designer / Video: Marcel Dorman (Netherland)
Live Music: Daniel Ignacio Smith Valenzuela( Chile )
Ulrike Quade (Germany)
Mischa Felix van dullemen (Netherland)

Venue & Date:
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre

“The show is full of creative and let the audience see the sincerity of Theatre Space, also with high level of organizational ability.” – By Tai Kung Pao Cheung Kan Ping

“This play has a very attractive place: the use of Multimedia (Historical documentary, Live projection, Live music, Puppeteers), capture and interspersed of the text of Shakespeare, let audience have a special feeling. The three of those puppeteers who came for foreign country are the most satisfied. The style of Three “witches” are unique, also the puppeteers skillfully play, strong sense of rhythm, sometimes come out to let the “people” acting with the “puppet” and full of fun, this is the highest enjoyable moment o fthe performance.” – By Dr. Cheung Ping Kuen