Project Description


My Mother said I never should by Charlotte Keatley

My Mother said I never should

This is a story about the difficult relationships between mothers and daughters
which explores the lives and relationships of four generations of women.

Their loves, expectations and choices, are set against the huge social changes of the twentieth century. When Jackie falls pregnant without a husband,with Rosie she is unable to cope and hands over the baby to her mother, Margaret. The story looks at the consequences of this secret and each women’s opinion on it.

Corinna Lee、Ida Leung、Annie Ling、Brenda Lam
Playwright:Charlotte Keatley
Translator:Pao Han Lin
Producer:Dominic Cheung
Director:Bee Wan
Stage Designer:Jacob Yu
Costume Designer:Edmond Wong
Stylist:Phyllis Man
Composer/Sound Designer:Stoa Lau
Photographer/Graphic Designer:Lo Kim Fei、Tam Kim Wai
Production Manager:Lawrence Lee
Venue & Date:

Shatin Town Hall Cultural Activities Hall
16-17.3.2007 8pm
17-18.3.2007 3pm

Tuen Mun Town Hal Cultural Activities Hall
24.3.2007 8pm
25.3.2007 3pm

Duration: 2 hours with one intermission