Project Description

SCOLAR Putonghua Festival 2006

Putonghua Short Plays Marathon

Start from 2002, Standing Committee on Language Education and Research(Scolar) organizes a large-scale activities to promote Putonghua every year, from the beginning “Putonghua Day” to “Putonghua Month”, and develope into “Putonghua Festival” from 2003. In 2006, Scolar will organise “Putonghua Festival” from Sep to Dec, go through by difference Putionghua activities, such as Putonghua Debate Competition, Drama rehearsal & performance, singing,broadcast training, award scheme, Putonghua competition, and TV production, etc., aims to make a good Putonghua learning environment and atmosphere in school and community, to encourage citizen to use more Putonghua in daily life.
Co-ordinator: Tsang Lai Ping

Assistant Co-ordinator: Alex Kwan

Playwright: Fung Tsui Shan, Lung Man Hong, Gregory Liu

School Director: Jeffrey Low, E-Run, Jacky Lee, Gia Yu, Phyllis Man, Ida Leung, Ben So, Lam Wan Wai, Cissy Ma, Chan Hong, Leung Pui Yee, Brenda Lam, Lui Tik Ming, Lam Chi Tai, Kylie Choy, Bee Wan

Putonghua Coach: Jeffrey Low, E-Run, Jacky Lee, Ben So, Lam Wan Wai

Production Manager: Bee Wan

Stage Manager: Shirley Leung

Date & Time: 2006/11/12 (Sun) 11am – 7pm

Venue: Olympian City II, North Block, Ground Floor

Judge: Zhu Chuen, Tam Shing Chu, Mill Ho

Fully Support: Olympian City

The Best Performance:
(Golden)St. Antonius Girls’ College/Script No.:1000/Title:幼稚園面試
(Silver)CCC Ming Kei College/Script No.:0500/Title:失眠
(Copper)King Ling College/Script No.:0100/Title:尾班車之戀

The Best Putonghua Presentation
CCC Kei Chi Secondary School/Script No.:1700/Title:銀行入數
Fanling Lutheran Secondary School/Script No.:0400/Title:報紙
T.W. G. Hs Mrs. Yu York Yu Memorial College/Script No.:1000/Title:幼稚園面試