Project Description

Date:19-21, 26-27/12/2003, 2-3/1/2004

Original Musical

Sai Fung

Unfinished life a day
Wong belive road a day
In life, how many things you can’t forget
18 years old Sai Fung, he fine phoenix, rebellious, outspoken, love to fight trouble, but also love to dancing the cha cha.

One day in 1959, the last day before he departure to the United States.

The remainder of the last 24 hours, he make his last disaster with friends, with the last fightening, the first time talk deeply with his father, save a little girl on the street.

On the last lesson with his teacher, encounter a most brief, but unforettable love.

Then, with disturbed, confused mood to embark on the journey, to carry out another life. On the only grasp day, created a legend of the beginning.

Stephen Au, Mimi Lo, Lee Yun Ki, Nikki Ng, Phyllis Man, Leung Tin, Brenda Chan, Gigi Cheng, Ko Kai Cheung, Chow Wai Keung, Bee Wan

Producer: Dominic Cheung
Playwright: Stephen Au
Lyrics: Chris Shum
Director / Set Designer: Jacob Yu
Lighting Designer: Micro Cheng
Makeup & Hair Style Designer: Phyllis Man
Costume Designer / Production Manager: Bee Wan
Composer / Sound Designer: Stoa Lau
Choreography: Frankie Ho Ching Yu
Stage Manager: Lawrence Lee

Venue & Date:
Shatin Town Hall Cultural Activities Hall
2003/12/19-20 (Fri & Sat) 8pm
200312/21 (Sun) 3pm

Tuen Mun Town Hall Cultural Activities Hall
2003/12/26-27 (Fri & Sat) 8pm

Tsuen Wan Town Hall Cultural Activities Hall
2004/1/2-3 (Fri & Sat) 8pm


From “Sai Fung” to “Bruce Lee”
2003/11/29 (Sat) 3pm-4:30pm
Shatin Town Hall Exhibition Gallery

Speaker: Lee Chi Yuen
(Researcher of Bruce Lee, posted editor of “Kung Fu Magazine”, Author of “The Myth of Reproduction”)
For the deeds of Bruce Lee won in overseas,that is universally known, of the Bruce Lee’s philosophy, there has been writing and analysis. However, various rumors about Bruce Lee, things in Childhood, and how many people knows? With the videos, we will share and dialectical the history of Bruce Lee before 1959.
“Standup your Bruce Lee!”
2003/12/7 (Sun) 3pm-4pm
Tuen Mun Town Hall Lecture Room 1

Speaker: Law Chun Kwong
(Author of “Inaction “, “Bruce Lee’s Thinking Decoding”, “Free Seating”)
With laughing and satire standup comedy, share the Bruce Lee fans derive excitement, ecstasy, sself expansion….and other strange phenomenon, also analysis Bruce Lee’s thinking.

“Te plays can be considered to lauhter and tears, with playing affectionate, also lively to singing and dancing, especially up to more than twenty songs.” – by Ming pao – Shek Kei

“Stephen Au is very clever, he did not force Sai Fung from a trouble fighter to become a sensible man in one day.” – by IATC Ho Chun Fai