Project Description

Scenography Master Class

After the Scenography Workshop 2001, Theatre Space produce a “Scenography Master Class” again, the scheme seperate to two stages, by using some in-depth and intensive workshops, to let participants have the opportunity to work with professional artists through various stage element, and try to make their personal ideas become a stage performance.

Scenography from the ancient Greek word, it means the description or record of scene / stage / space, and focus on the relationship between people and space. When this concept is applied on stage, it means that the use of all creation elements of the stage, including sets, costumes, lighting, video, colour, smell, sound, etc. Named “Scenography”.

In the traditional division of Theatre, Playwright responsible for writing, Actors do the rehearsal, Designers make the set, costumes……in fact, every category has it’s unique wonders, and can develop into an independent performance. How to make the text into a picture? What is the rhythm of the show? What colour of the sound? What is Drama? All in all, the “Scenography Master Class” Stage 1 will explain to you.

8 Unit, 4 Lessons per unit

Unit 1︰Dramaturgy
Date︰10, 17, 31/05/2004, 07/06/2004
Instructor︰Jacob Yu

Unit 2︰From Space To Performance
Date︰19, 22, 26, 29/05/2004
Instructor︰Ho Ying Fung

Unit 3︰From Text to Performance
Date︰2, 5, 9, 12/06/2004
Instructor︰Paul Poon

Unit 4︰From Costume to Performance
Date︰16, 19, 23, 26/06/2004
Instructor︰Shybil Yuen

Unit 5︰From Light to Performance
Date︰30/06/2004, 3, 7, 10/2004
Instructor︰Bee Wan

Unit 6︰From Sound to Performance
Date︰14, 17, 21, 24/07/2004
Instructor︰Roger Lin

Unit 7︰Independent Research Project (IRP)

Unit 8︰Mini IRP Presentation
Date︰28.8-4.9.2004(except 29.8.2004)
Time:9:30am -6:30pm
Venue:Hong Kong Design Centre(28 Kennedy Road)

“Scenography Master Class” Stage 1 has a great reponse, applicants are excessed, Theatre Space hold the “Scenography Master Class” Stage 2, to let you know about video, installation and visual arts. To understand how to show up the body, how to control the soul of the whole drama by the Director, we also invited the Silo Theatre of Netherlands to lead two workshops, to discuss on Environmental Theatre (Site Specific Performance) and Object Theatre, to let participants an opportunity to interpret their mind through different media.

“Scenography Master Class” Stage 2 suitable for people who experienced in Theatre Production, Film, Television Production and any other Media Production.

8 Unit, 4 Lessons per unit

Unit 1︰Video Art
Date︰25, 28/08/2004, 01, 04/08/2004
Instructor︰May Fung

Unit 2︰Installation / Visual Art
Date︰08, 11, 15, 18/09/2004
Instructor︰Lee Mee-ping

Unit 3︰Directing
Date︰22, 25, 29/09/2004, 02/10/2004
Instructor︰Dominic Cheung

Unit 4︰Body
Date︰06, 09, 13, 16/10/2004
Instructor︰Chan Suk-yee

Unit 5︰Site Specific Performance
Date︰20, 23, 27, 30/10/2004
Instructor︰Silo Theatre

Unit 6︰Object Theatre
Date︰03, 06, 10, 13/11/2004
Instructor︰Silo Theatre

Unit 7︰Independent Research Project (IRP)

Unit 8︰Performance
Venue︰Fringe Club O2 Theatre and Fringe Studio

“Scenography Master Class” is a new try of Theatre Space, hope to introduce the concept of Scenography locally. The Independent Research Project is the summary of “Scenography Master Class” Stage 2 IRP(Independent Research Project). During the past twelve weeks of workshops, tutors of different media share their expertise experiences with participants, and inspired participants to create with fill in their own experiences.

Fringe O2 Theatre and FringeStudio
Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Road, Central

$99(adult)、$85(Fringe member)

21-24.12.2004 7:30pm