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A Story for All Chinese

Zhang Zhixiang of Beiyang Army joined Feng Yu Xiang of Republican China and Cai Yuanpei of Peking University to establish a Martial Art gymnasium in defence against foreign invasion. The Taiji master Yu Zheng who has stepped out from his career is invited to be the person-in-charge of the gymnasium. But then he faces a fierce conflict among the martial artists.

How will Yu Zheng deal with the incoming attacks? What is the true meaning of Taiji?

Au Kam Tong, Jo Ngai, Luther Fung, Ko Kai Cheung, Lim Wee Hung, Kwan Kam Chuen, Ko Tin Lung, Johnson Yuen, Rensen Chan, Kiu Po Chung, Ben So

Guest Artists:James Mark、Ko Tin Lung*、Eddy Ko、Amy Tan

*with the kind permission of Chung Ying Theatre

Story:Ngai Ping Long, Au Kam Tong, Jacob Yu, Liu Yu Shau
Playwright:Liu Yu Shau, Dominic Cheung
Producer/Director:Dominic Cheung
Deputy Producer:Apple Tsang
Stage Designer:Jacob Yu
Costume Designer:Edmond Wong
Stylist:Phyllis Man
Composer/Sound Designer:Stoa Lau
Martial Arts Coach:Au Kam Tong
Production Manager:Virginia Kam
Venue & Date:

Kwai Tsing Theatre Auditorium
20-21.10.2006(Fri to Sat) 8pm
22.10.2006(Sun) 3pm

Duration:1 hour and 45 mins with intermission

The 14th Hong Kong Drama Award
.10 Most Popular Drama Performance

.Best Director – Dominic Cheung
.Best Stage Design – Jacob Yu
.Best Lighting Design – Bee Wan