Project Description


The Essence of Almond Beancurd
Sheung Wan Civic Centre Programme Partnership Scheme 2006/07

The Essence of Almond Beancurd

How come heartfelt words can only be heard when love is over?
Isn’t that Sweetness of love is too light and so it is always masked by bitterness of life?

This is a story of a Japanese and a Singaporean…

Jeffrey Low、E-Run
Original:Wui Sin Chong
Translator:Rieko Yamazaki
Director:Chan Ming Fung
Scenographer/Production Manager:Bee Wan
Stage Manager: Lam Pik Ki
Venue & Date:
Sheung Wan Civic Centre Lecture Hall

Presented in Putonghua

Duration:1 hour and 45 mins; No intermission