Project Description

Date:7-9, 14-16/9/2012

The Hollow

The Hollow

The Hollow is a 1951 play by crime writer Agatha Christie. It is based on the 1946 novel of the same name.

When members of the Angkatell family gather in the country for the weekend they certainly do not expect one of their other guests, John Cristow to be shot dead – and absolutely not by his devoted wife Gerda. Well, most people assume it must have been Gerda as she was found with the gun in her hand. But John, with his dying breath, said Henrietta’s name twice. And what is Veronica Craye, John’s old flame, doing in the neighbourhood?

Ida Leung, Luther Fung, Patra Au, Cissy Ma, Ko Kai Cheung, Kiu Po Chung, Tse Shui King, Annie Ling, Simon Yu, Gigi Cheng, Kwong Kam Chuen, Albert Ngai
Playwright: Agatha Christie
Translator / Director: Dominic Cheung
Producer:Jacob Yu
Stage & Costume Designer: Lai Miu Chi
Lighting Designer: Chiu Ching Yee
Composer: Frankie Ho X Chester Wong
Music Designer: Frankie Ho
Shatin Town Hall
Cultural Activities Hall
7-8/9/2012 (Fri & Sat) 7:45pm
9/9/2012 (Sun) 2:45pm

Tsuen Wan Town Hall
Cultural Activities Hall
14-15/9/2012 (Fri & Sat) 7:45pm
16/9/2012 (Sun) 2:45pm