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The Unexpected Guest by Agatha Christie

The Unexpected Guest

In The Unexpected Guest, on a foggy night in Wales, Michael Starkwedder’s car runs into a ditch on a lonely road. When he enters a house through the French windows of its study to seek help, he finds an invalid who has been shot dead in his wheelchair and a woman, who turns out to be the victim’s wife, standing nearby and holding a gun. Apparently on impulse, Starkwedder decides to help the woman hide her crime. These two, along with a very interesting array of other characters from the murdered man’s mother to a Chief Inspector, bring constantly new and shifting perspectives on the crime, proving that the obvious isn’t always so obvious.
Monica Chan, Au Kam Tong, Wong Man Wai, Ko Kai Cheung, Annie Ling, Kiu Po Chung, Albert Ngai, Louie Wu, Ng Ka Lok
Playwright:Agatha Christie
Producer/ Translator:Dominic Cheung
Deputy Producer:Christy Lee
Director / Stage Designer:Jacob Yu
Assistant Director:Jeffrey Low
Costume Designer:Shybil Yuen
Lighting Designer:Bee Wan
Composer/ Sound Designer:Stoa Lau
Producer:Lawrence Lee
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre
27-29.2009(Thur to Sat)7:45pm
29-30.2009(Sat to Sun)2:45pm


in Cantonese

Duration:Approximately 2hrs 45mins with one intermission
Post-Performance talks after all performances

“The Unexpected Guest” © 1939 Agatha Christie Limited
(a Chorion Company), all rights reserved.

The 19th Hong Kong Drama Award

.Best Supporting Actress – Wong Man Wai
.Best Sound Effect – Stoa Lau
.Best Stage Design – Jacob Yu