Project Description

Date:2-3, 4,7, 9-11, 15-16/2/2007

Three Postcards by Craig Lucas and Craig Carnelia
Sheung Wan Civic Centre Programme Partnership Scheme 2006/07

Three Postcards

An off-beat and uniquely imaginative “free form” musical play, exploring the ups and downs in the lives of three woman friends who meet for dinner and revealing conversation in a chic restaurant.

Three young women, Big Jane, Little Jane and K.C., arrive for dinner, and for the conversation, daydreams and memories which then engage them. Deceptively simple and often very funny their table talk is mostly about everyday things, but in the fantasies to which they escape the veneers of their lives are peeled back as they regress to childhood, take an imagined trip to outer space, or reveal the problems besetting their marriages and careers. Punctuated by songs, accompanied (and sometimes joined in) by Bill, and with Walter (the waiter) assuming a variety of roles as the action requires, the play probes deftly and surely ever deeper until (in the words of Edith Oliver).

Cissy Ma、Kylie Choy、Candy Lo(Cast A) /Angela Lam(Cast B)*、Jacky Chu、Yankov Wong
Producer:Jeffrey Low、Lam Chi Tai
Playwright:Craig Lucas
Composer / Original Lyrics:Craig Carnelia
Director / Translator:Dominic Cheung
Lyricist:Chris Shum
Music Director / Sound Designer:Stoa Lau
Stage Designer:Jacob Yu
Costume Designer:Edmond Wong
Stylist:Phyllis Man
Lighting Designer:Bee Wan
Cast A – 1-2, 7-9, 15-16.2.2007 8pm
Cast B – 3-4, 10-11.2.2007 3pm

Sheung Wan Civic Centre Exhibition Hall
1-4, 7-11, 15-16.2.2007 3pm
3-4, 10-11.2.2007 8pm


Presented in Cantonese

Duration:1 hour and 45 mins; No intermission

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc

“Singing Three Postcards” Mini Concert

Sheung Wan Civic Centre Lecture Hall
25.1.2007 8pm

Duration:1 hour and 15 mins; No intermission