Project Description

Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre Artist-in-Residence Scheme 2002

Translated Plays Workshop

By local senior translators, actors, and critics, sharing the happiness and problems of handling translation Play.

MC: Jacob Yu
Date: 2002/10/6-12/01 (Every Sunday)

2002/10/06 (Sun) To Show Translation – Dominic Cheung
2002/10/13 (Sun) Localization Translate – Szeto Wai Kin
2002/10/20 (Sun) Adaptation – Rupert Chan
2002/10/27 (Sun) Actor VS Translate – Chow Wai Keung
2002/11/03 (Sun) Cultural Differences – Cheung Ping Kuen
2002/11/10 (Sun) Cultural Differences – Ting Yu
2002/11/17 (Sun) My Favourite Character 1 – Bobo Fung
2002/11/24 (Sun) My Favourite Character 2 – Chow Wai Keung
2002/12/01 (Sun) My Favourite Character 3 – Chan Suk Yee

By reading the script, with some simply blocking and props, actor show some quality plays, and will have sharing after the performance, audience can talk directly with the translator, to enhance the awareness on the translation work.

2002/12/08 (Sun) Laughter of the 23rd Floor
Playwright: Neil Simon
Translator: Szeto Wai Kin
Director: Ko Kai Cheung

2003/12/29 (Sun) Cyrano
Playwright: Edmond Rostand
Translator: Rupert Chan
Director: Kiu Po Chung

2003/02/09 (Sun) Twelve Angry Men
Playwright: Reginald Rose
Translator: Dominic Cheung
Director: Jacob Yu

Training by the text and discussion, participants can know more a foreign language can have further ability to translate foreign language’s, outstanding’s play will comes to public reading section, and will perform by the participants.

Tutor: Chow Wai Keung
Date: 2002/11/30-2003/01/18 (Every Saturday)

Open Rehearsal
Date: 2003/03/21 (Friday)
Venue: Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre Theatre

Date: 2003/03/22 (Saturday)
Venue: Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre Theatre