Project Description

Wanchai Community Theatre Scheme

Wanchai Community Creative Workshop

A combination of Multiple Intelligence and Arts enhancing students’ understanding of the community

Nowadays, in a new knowledgeable civilized society, multiple intelligence is one of our indispensable personal requirements, including intelligence, thinking skills, creativity, personal networking, management skills and citizen’s cognition. General Education aims at nurturing academic and social-minded persons, hence, studying and investigating the community becomes undeniably important in the learning process. Through taking parts in arts activities, students learn how to express their feelings and develop a sense of belongings towards the community.”Wanchai Community Theatre Scheme” is designated for diversified learning opportunities. Through taking parts in the Creative Workshops, students define and diversify themselves in different aspects, such as human ecology, social relationship and cultural environment. The scheme aims at boosting up students’ multiple intelligence and identifying their feelings towards the community.

Creative workshops are introduced by artistic workers from different areas, including installation, photography, scenography, music and creative writing. The interaction of students and instructors helps not only in understanding the community, but also “discovering” and “collecting” their memories of Wanchai. The works of students are then shown in the “Wanchai Community Creative Workshop Exhibition” and a school tour exhibition from January to March.

S.K.H. St. James Primary School
Hotung Secondary School
True Light Middle School of Hong Kong
Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College
Exhibition Dates:
16-22 January 2008

Exhibtion Venue:
(CC Wu Building Upper G/Fl, 302-308 Hennessy Road, Wanchai)

Organised by:
St. James Settlement

Produced by:
Theatre Space Foundation Limited

Sponsored by:
Wanchai District Board

Exhibtion venue sponsored by:

Special thanks to:

S.K.H. St. James Primary School (A.M.)
Wanchai Snapshot
Instructor: Lo Kim Fei
veryone can express his/her unique relationships with the community, no matter he/she is using a professional camera or a mobile phone.

S.K.H. St. James Primary School (P.M.)
Stage Design@Wanchai
Instructor: Andy Tam
It is a process of “Collecting” and “Discovering”
“Collecting” – Pictures of Wanchai.
“Discovering” – Wanchai new and old buildings, people and living space.
Through discussion and creative process, students can see the traditional and cultural side in a hustle-and-bustle city. Students then use a shoe box to create a miniature of Wanchai, and put their “Wanchai” onto a “Living Stage”.

Hotung Secondary School
Documentary X Travel ──A tour of exploring Wanchai old buildings
Instruction: Hung Chan
Motion: Using their own angles with video camera , 10 Form-4 students documented their tour of exploring Wanchai Old Buildings.
Still: Putting old and new photos together with highlight texts, they express their feelings towards Wanchai with their own personalities and styles.

True Light Middle School of Hong Kong
Wanchai Hunting
Instructor: Mark Chan
Spending few weekends together, they feels and snaps Wanchai.

Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College
Let’s hear our journey
Instructor: Steve Hui
“Visualizing” a community is easy when photos can be downloaded everywhere. “Hearing” a community is difficult when students have to record the sound on street, at bus stop, in the MTR, in a football court, in a computer mall, etc. The sound is collected and edited to a 10-minute sound clip. Let’s hear their journey.