Project Description

Date: 24-30/11/2000

West Side Story

Large Scale Outdoor Musical for Hong Kong Arts Meta ﹣New Millennium《West Side Story》

December 30, 1999, a group of Hong Kong young people ,led by Tong, grouping around the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. When they’re playing, accidentally met with the new immigrants from Hai-feng, and Bao is their leader. The two parties was about to fight, luckily police come here on time and stop the fighting.

The two parties meet again in the “End of the century nostalgic Dance”. Tony, the best friend of Tong love with Maria, the little sister of Bao. This dommed romance before the final twenty-first century.

Step into the new century, Theatre Space ‘s new production “West Side Story”, we adapte the story of the orginal “West Side Story” to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza, use the Victoria Harbour Night to be the scenery, makes the environmental into the performance, injected the local elements into this musical to have a new theatre worthing.

Paul Wong, Stephen au, Ada To, Gigi Yiu

Playwright: Arthur Laurents
Composer: Leonard Bernstein
Artistic Advisor: Chung King Fai, Lau Siu Ming
Producer / Translator / Adaptor: Dominic Cheung
Director / Set Designer: Jacob Yu
Music Director / Conductor: Henry Shek
Lyrics: Chris Shum, Rensen Chan
Choreographer: Mohamed Drissi
Lighting Designer: Bee Wan
Costume Designer: Kam Tan
Sound Designer: Stoa Lau
Orchestra: The New Philharmonia of Hong Kong

Venue & Date:
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza