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Vincent in Brixton by Nicholas Wright

Vincent in Brixton

Olivier Theatre Awards – Best New Play.Reveal the Secret Extraordinary Love of a Genius
20-year-old Vincent Van Gogh arrives in Brixton, South London.

As a young art dealer from Holland, Vincent does not embark upon a career as an artist.

One day, when he walks pass a cottage, he is drawn in to the household by the beautiful Eugenie. Through his friendship with aspiring art student, Sam, and discovering unexpected love, Vincent finds liberation and unlocks his own passion for painting.

After that period, the life of Vincent is no longer the same.

Edmond Lo*、Rebecca Po、Adeline Chan、Man Kit Chung、Amen Chan
*with the kind permission of Chung Ying Theatre
Playwright:Nicholas Wright
Producer / Translator:Dominic Cheung
Deputy Producer:Christy Lee
Director:Jacob Yu
Scenographer:Bee Wan
Composer / Sound Designer:Stoa Lau
Production Manager:Lawrence Lee
Duration:2 hours and 15 mins with intermission

Venue & Date:
Cultural Activities Hall, Shatin Town Hall
3-4.5.2008 8pm
4-5.5.2008 3pm

Cultural Activities Hall, Tuen Mun Town Hall
10.5.2008 8pm
11.5.2008 3pm

Presented in Cantonese

The 1st Hong Kong Theatre Libre
.Best Supporting Actress – Amen Chan